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About Us

For over 30 years, Superior Document Solutions has guaranteed professional service and quality equipment throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Our consultative approach combines technology and trained specialists to analyze the current copier, MFP, and print environment you have. We’ll make sure your business is using your current equipment to its fullest and help you make any strategic equipment additions or replacements.

After the sale, our service and support team go above and beyond so you realize the results you expect. Take a look at what our customers have to say.

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  • Superior Service

    At Superior Document Solutions service comes first.  From helping you discover new avenues of profit and enhancement to implementation and delivery we are there every step of the way.

  • Superior Control

    Superior Document Solutions has the tools and services to help your business achieve control of your printing and document output costs. With our help you will easily help you achieve reduced cost, streamline support and improve availability.

  • Superior Savings

    Superior Document Solutions’ ManagedPrintCare™ services are designed with your business in mind. Once an assessment is performed our services can be tailored to address the key areas of savings for your business. Executing on the plan designed to achieve the results your business needs. Choose from:

  • Superior Results

    When it comes to lowering costs and eliminating inefficiencies, imaging and printing is typically abundant with opportunity. A Superior Document Solutions’ Assessment provides you visibility into the dynamics of your office’s imaging and printing environment. Once you understand where the gaps and inefficiencies lie, you can take steps to maximize the value of these critical business functions. A DecisionCare™ assessment provides:

What others say about us

After working with several national vendor it is a relief not to be lost in the clutter.  As we have always known, what maters most is the support after the sale and Superior has proven to be the best we have seen in over a decade.


Superior not only worked hard to win our business several years ago, but they continue to offer great service and work hard to maintain our business by providing excellent customer service and aggressive pricing.


When I have contacted you, personally, you get back to me quickly with a resolution or with the information I need on the same day – just as you did before you made the sale.  Thank you for being there for us after the sale – just as you were before the sale.


Great Service!  Helped us from the beginning to end with all of our technology transition.  Thanks again!


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