Weighing the Cost of Leasing Your Printers/Copiers

If you’re the printer/copier/office equipment/decision-making/go-to person in your workplace, chances are likely that you’ve no doubt wrestled with the question of whether or not to purchase your company’s office equipment outright, as opposed to merely leasing them.

For the purposes of this conversation, however, let’s discuss an operating lease, as that’s usually more popular than its counterpart, the purchase lease or capital lease, where you’re often times slowly buying a piece of equipment that — given the rate of technology in this day and age — might be a little over-the-hill once you finally get around to actually owning it.

An operating lease allows you to merely rent the equipment (with benefits) without ever really owning it, which helps to keep your payments low. While you do have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease, most companies that opt for this type of lease do so because they would rather continue to rent new equipment than own something at the end of their lease term.

Here are just a few of the reasons why…

Lower Initial Cost – First and foremost, a lease costs far less in the short term since you’re never having to incur the cost of buying (or financing) the equipment itself. Of course, you’re constantly renting equipment (which always costs more in the long run), but generally speaking, because the equipment is newer, you’ll also save money on the potential cost of repairs and the eventual wear-and-tear. In addition, that also means that you can be sure that you’ll always have the newest, latest, and greatest equipment available to you. Which brings us to…

Current Equipment – As mentioned above, one of the major drawbacks to owning a piece of office equipment is the fact that, given the speed of technological advances nowadays, you might end up owning — and feeling like you’re stuck with — something that’s inferior to what’s currently available in the marketplace, which could potentially put you at a disadvantage in keeping up with your competitors and their capabilities.

Maintenance – If you own your office equipment, perhaps you can recall a time in the past when some item went on the fritz and was out of service for an extended period of time because you didn’t really have anybody to call except an expensive repairman. With a lease, not only can you have a licensed professional out to fix your equipment in no time flat, with minimal downtime, but because a lease program includes routine maintenance and service visits, you can remain proactive in the upkeep of your equipment, helping to reduce the need for unforeseen repairs and the like.

Consider All Your Options with a Professional

Of course, this may not settle the issue for you completely; perhaps this only leaves you with even more questions. The great thing is, there are patient professionals who can walk you through all the different options — and in much greater detail — to help you determine what makes the most sense for you and your company, and its needs. Superior Document Solutions, your Atlanta-area print management/document solutions/IT managementprovider, has spent over 25 yearshelping other businesses determine how to increase productivity while keeping costs low in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Call the hometown experts at Superior Document Solutions today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation with a print and document pro.

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