Our Top Six Printer Maintenance Tips

Taking good care of your document system ensures it a long life and may provide your office with a healthy efficiency boost. The following tips include both self-maintenance tasks and recommendations regarding professional printer repair and maintenance services such as those we offer here at Superior Document Solutions in Duluth.

  1. Own the Right Printer

Last month we covered printer recommendations according to office size or desired yield. Using a printer that’s not powerful enough for your purposes or even too powerful can really wear it out and make it harder to maintain. We can check your printer’s stats and compare them to your company’s real needs!

  1. Keep Up with Updates

This goes for both your software and your hardware. If you’ve got a doc system with a lot of built-in computing power, you should update it when it recommends that you do. Individual parts including gears, rollers and more also sometimes need updating. Replacing worn pieces individually can prevent more costly service calls and machine downtime.

  1. Clean Those Components

Paper particles, dust and other buildups can be very harmful to a laser printer. Debris may even make documents appear blurry or stripe-y. Any maintenance technician will remove the printer covers and thoroughly clean the inside of the printer as well as the exterior and oftentimes optical systems can be improved with cleaning.

  1. Consider the Workload

If your printer or copier is regularly stalling, breaking down or underperforming, you may be overusing it. Going along with tip #1 (own the right printer) is tip #4 – inspect the workload! If your printer is only designed for occasional usage or for quality over quantity, look at how many pages you’re creating each day and ask yourself if you really need those printed copies. Digitizing some documents could extend the life of your equipment and ease your entire printer maintenance process. A printer with a high duty cycle and page per minute capacity, however, should be able to handle whatever you throw at it. If it can’t, give us a call!

  1. Schedule a Superior Consultation

If cleaning, updating or lowering your yield don’t seem to help get your printer back to perfect performance, you can always call on a professional printer maintenance team like the one we have here at Superior. We can diagnose problems extremely accurately, repair components and replace most anything that needs replacing.

  1. Setup a Support Plan

The easiest way to keep your printer efficient, clean and well-maintained? Have our document solutions specialists on standby, ready to resolve whatever issue you could face, whenever you’ll be facing it. When you sign up for our round-the-clock support services, you never need to worry about getting a repair person in a pinch again.

For all of your printer repair in Atlanta and copier maintenance call Superior Document Solutions!

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