Superior Printer Repair and Printer Maintenance

At Superior Document Solutions, we optimize document management. We also sell printers. An additional strength we have (one we’re particularly proud of) is our employees’ ability to repair and maintain document management products effectively, efficiently and at a competitive rate. We’re passionate about all sorts of document solutions. So we understand the difference between a professional copying station with touchscreen controls and LED displays and someone else’s basic color printer. Our technicians are able to repair all types of printers (laser, inkjet, dot matrix and thermal) and all makes and models thereof. Our familiarity with many different systems enables us to quickly isolate and resolve issues. If necessary, we can even gain access to old and out-of-warranty parts to save your printer.

If you make a printer repair appointment with our company, we promise to show up on time and get the job done in a timely fashion. We’ll fix things right so that the problem can’t keep coming back, damaging your efficiency. We’re known for our awesome customer service and the way our employees conduct themselves on the job. Our on-site technicians will get in and get out without disturbance to your workplace. They understand the urgent needs of clients in corporate environments. Whether it’s a quick fix repair or a full on imaging center re-haul, our staff will devote all of their attention to you and your business while you need it. We can offer same day service all around Atlanta at affordable rates for the following issues:

  • Power on, boot-up and startup problems
  • Password retrieval
  • Video and display issues
  • Hard drive failures
  • Data management (backup, recovery, transfer)
  • Application Errors
  • OS (operating system) and software errors
  • Virus and spyware removal (registry editing)
  • Wired/wireless network troubleshooting and setup
  • Peripheral hardware malfunctions
  • Parts replacement
  • Printer upgrades and optimization

Not only do we get your imaging issues fixed, we also show you how to keep the system operating smoothly when we leave so there aren’t new issues taking its place. While we’re resolving your printer’s issues, we may notice some efficiency kinks. We’re happy to adjust your printer and copier settings while we’re there to enable you to get more out of your machine. One funky setting adjustment can cost you hundreds in overhead and our repair staff is sure to catch it. If we find that we can’t repair your machine, we will let you know upfront. Luckily, we carry lots of different printing and copying stations so, if it comes to it, we can authoritatively recommend new professional document systems for your company’s success on-the-spot.

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