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Copier/Printer Troubleshooting

Copiers and printers are hard-working office machines that are usually taken for granted—until something goes wrong. As a digital assistant for multiple employees, office copy machines can majorly impact your company’s bottom line. When working correctly they provide a high return on investment, but when they are malfunctioning they negatively impact valuable time and resources. Here are a few troubleshooting tips from our expert technicians to keep your copiers from jamming, delivering inferior copies and prints, or completely breaking down.

Paper jams

Paper jams are often the result of loading copier paper incorrectly, using the wrong type or thickness of paper, or paper dust building up inside the copier. If you are faced with a paper jam, carefully remove the jammed paper (to prevent leaving any small pieces of ripped paper) and reload (with proper paper size and alignment). Fanning the paper before you load can also reduce paper dust from building up on the copier’s feed tires.

Streaks or Lines

Streaks or lines on your copies are often results of dirt or residue on you copier’s scanner glass or mirrors or a toner spill in the paper feeder. They can also be the result of an inner dirty roller or in the case of a multi-function machine, the result of a malfunctioning drum (causes large vertical lines to appear down a page) or developer unit which require cleaning by a trained professional.

Cartridge and toner issues

Using incorrect toner cartridges for your specific printer model can cause serious damage to the machine (meaning costly repairs and possibly voiding your warranty). Be sure everyone in your office is ordering and using the correct products.

Wrinkled pages

Worn-out paper trays and moisture caused by humidity can cause copier pages to wrinkle, but wrinkled pages are usually due to worn out feed and exit rollers causing sticking or jamming, often an indication that your copier is near the end of its life.

Discolored printing

Smudges, poor image quality or discolored printing are usually the result of imbalanced density controls, which can simply be reset. Toner quality or a drum in need of replacement could also cause discolored printing.

Be Sure to Stick to a Regular Cleaning and Servicing Schedule

Regular servicing and maintenance of your copier can significantly lengthen its lifespan and keep your business running smoothly. Simply keeping the copier’s entry areas free of dirt and debris and scheduling regular service can reduce the need for troubleshooting and repairs.

Choose the Right Fit and Be Prepared to Upgrade Outdated Machines

In addition to making sure your copier is well-suited for the unique demands of your business, you also want to make sure you regularly upgrade your outdated machines. While a new copier is a higher expense than a repair, continued repair costs on an outdate machine will add up. Plus, newer copiers incorporate smarter technologies and are designed to conserve energy, making them more efficient and less prone to wear and tear.

Partner with the Productivity Professionals at Superior Document Solutions

Every business is different, but choosing the best suited copier/printer for your workplace will save you money, time, and hassle. At Superior Document Solutions, we can recommend, provide, and service the copiers/printers that best fit your business. Take your productivity to the next level, call us at 770-446-5325 or contact us through our online form today.

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