Show Your Company’s True Colors

When it comes to print management for the office, nearly any office manager, in an effort to save on print costs, will probably urge you to print in grayscale rather than color, especially for anything that’s not hugely important. In other words, while grayscale makes great sense for non-essential and non-presentation documents and other items, your company should always put its best foot forward and print in color for anything that’s “forward-facing” or being used for public or client presentation.

Color Helps Them to Feel It

One of the main benefits of printing in color, especially when you’re using it to promote or present something to someone (a prospective client, for example), is the fact that color possesses the power to evoke emotion. Simply making something more “colorful” is great, but if you can tap into an emotion in order to persuade them or prompt some sort of action, you have the potential to put right where you want them, which is definitely a great thing to be able to do in the world of business.

Color Helps Them to Find It & Remember It

In addition to its ability to tap into someone’s emotions, color attracts attention and has the ability to keep it. Studies have shown that printing in color has a multitude of benefits. Color allows you to highlight pertinent facts and information in order to make it easier for your customers to not only remember, but to refer to time and again, as needed. Once they’ve found the information you’ve highlighted for them, data shows that they’re more likely to comprehend it if it’s in color.

Color More Cost-Effective Than Ever

And to take it another step further, even beyond your product and company literature, you’re more likely to get paid on time and in full if your company invoices are printed in color! How’s that for pertinent results? Would timely and sufficient payments improve your cash flow and the overall health of your business? When you consider the relatively small additional cost of printing in color, compared to the additional benefit to your bottom line, would printing in color make more sense?

The print management and document solutions experts at Superior Document Solutions are more than happy to help you consider all the factors regarding whether or not to increase your color printing capability. With over 36 years of expertise, our team of specialists will work with you to optimize your current resources, reduce cost, and increase your revenue. Printing in color reinforces not only your corporate brand, but your performance, as well. Superior Document Solutions is here to help you achieve that goal.

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