Selecting the Right Copier/Printer For Your Office

While the better portion of the last two decades has been spent moving the modern office workplace from a paper-based to paperless system, there are still some times when you absolutely must print a hard copy or make copies of an existing item. Whether it’s a contract, participant materials or invoices, we haven’t completely eliminated the need for a printer/copier in the workplace. Not to mention the fact that they’re smart, convenient, and affordable, too!

Just as there are a varied number of workplaces with a varied number of needs and functions, there are just as many different printers, copiers, and multifunction printers (MFPs) available to use in those environments. If you’re currently in the market for an MFP for your office, the best way to make the wisest decision is to consider these four factors before you decide.

What Are You Using It For?

MFPs are a great addition to any workplace because, as the name states, it’s a multi-function tool that incorporates the ability to copy, print, scan, and fax all in one small footprint. Not only will you save money by cutting down on the amount of equipment and hardware necessary, but you’ll also save on the supplies and cost of upkeep by having only one piece of equipment to have to maintain. Even the most basic MFP will provide sufficient capabilities to serve an office well. Some go beyond the basics to provide email capability and cloud-based storage of frequently used documents and forms.

How Many People Will Be Using It?

If only a few people need to have access to the copier/printer, perhaps you can save money by doing without the super high-volume MFPs that are better suited to an office where everybody requires access. You’ll have to weigh the options and determine the cost breaking point for your individual organization and consider how many people will be using it and if a smaller copier/printer is going to suit your business needs across your office.

Do You Wish To Track Usage Statistics?

In larger organizations, it’s useful to track usage statistics in order to determine who’s using it the most and for what purpose. There are software programs that can do that for you in order to monitor usage, maintenance history, supply usage, and a handful of other important statistics. Because not every MFP is capable of working with these programs, you’ll have to choose an MFP that will interact with the software.

Seek Professional Advice

Because every office is different, it’s essential that you find the copier/printer that’s going to do exactly what you need it to – without any of the things that you don’t need it to. Picking the right machine for your workplace saves money, time, and hassle. That’s why it’s important to seek the help of a professional when it comes to office document solutions and print management. The productivity pros at Superior Document Solutions know how to assess your current needs in order to help you find the right equipment to take your office productivity to the next level while making the most of your available budget.

Contact Superior Document Solutions today and experience firsthand how their service makes them SUPERIOR!

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