Reducing Waste and Cost In Your Office

If you run an office, you know firsthand just how much printing costs cut into the bottom line. While printing is an essential part of the success of your business, it’s also a potentially huge drain on your budget and overall ability to get ahead. And while there’s no way to get around printing something that’s absolutely necessary, there are many ways to avoid unnecessary paper and ink waste and the cost that goes along with it, saving you money and saving the environment, as well.

Go Electronic

Converting to electronic forms, documents, data storage, and cloud filing systems means you can retrieve information much more quickly and efficiently. That way, you can use email and cloud-based communication whenever possible to exchange documents and work on drafts electronically, using documents with editing and commenting features instead of working on paper, which creates unnecessary waste during the process of working on drafts.

Print and Copy Responsibly

Much unnecessary waste occurs at the moment of printing. Accidentally printing in color, unnecessarily printing on two separate sheets of paper instead of using 2-sided printing, printing prior to spell checking, and printing without previewing the document first are all examples of careless printing. Most examples of careless printing can be avoided by taking an extra moment to check print settings prior to printing the document or deciding whether or not the document even needs to be printed at all.

Recycle and Reuse When Possible

In other words, go green! When something is printed accidentally, don’t just toss it out or recycle it immediately. Use what you can as scratch paper for taking notes and other menial internal uses. If you’re not already participating in a recycling program or using a shredding company, start now. Place recycling bins throughout the workspace and post signs to remind and encourage workers to begin taking part. 

Get Professional Consultation

When you’re ready to attack your waste and overall print cost, it helps to have professionals to consult with in helping you to achieve your goal, reduce cost, and increase your overall bottom line. Contact the document management pros at Superior Document Solutions so they can help you maximize your profit through document technology, leveraging change to enhance and grow your business.


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