Printer Recommendations by Office Size

At Superior Document Solutions, we don’t just sell printers. We hook your company up with exactly the right printing and document management setup. When printer shopping, you should always aim to fit the printer to your office size and volume and we can help you do that successfully. Using the wrong printer is a waste of resources – whether it’s not powerful enough or it’s more powerful than you actually need. To begin to decide what kind of printer you want you should first track how much output you typically generate (just a few sheets a day or several dozen?), how many people need to use the equipment and which features are absolute “musts” for your business.


If your company consists of one amazing jack-of-all-trades (you!) or only needs a printer from time to time, a personal inkjet printer is an appropriate choice. These printers are typically to slow and too low-yield for heavy-duty printing purposes but they can be the perfect option for any one man operation! Inkjets print slowly but beautifully. They’re not recommended for any office that needs to print about ten pages a day or more. They also almost always lack bonus features such as double-sided printing and multifunctionality.

Laser Printers

When in doubt (and for some reason unable to consult with an expert at Superior Document Solutions), a laser print is often your best bet. They print quickly which means they’ve got higher PPM (pages per minute) ratings, they use cheaper consumables and they’re capable of supporting a small team. They come in a range of sizes and efficiencies but they’re typically best suited for “micro offices” or offices in which printing documents is rare. Really heavy usage can take a toll on the average laser printer, not to mention the person tasked with refilling the paper tray!

Multifunction Printers

For a medium-sized office, a multi-use printer with a robust monthly duty cycle can make every workday feel more productive. Even small offices that require lots of document distributing can benefit from a nice multifunction machine. When we say multifunction, we mean anything from printer-scanner combinations to all-in-one printing stations. The printer portion of a multifunction device will almost always be a laser printer so it includes all the benefits of that as well as a few extra perks!

Business Grade Document Systems

Some of the best printing innovations available – such as touch-screen user interfaces – are practically exclusive to these large document stations. The capabilities are amazing, the monthly duty cycles are high and the paper trays can hold a huge stack of sheets. Still, they are quite an investment so they’re most at home in large organizations. Before committing to a massive 60+ ppm printer, we recommend getting a little guidance from the Superior Document Solutions staff.

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