Print Management in the Post COVID-19 Workplace

As a business owner you have constantly been adapting and are now likely considering how your company can adapt to meet the needs of both your customers and your employees. COVID-19 has changed the workplace and way we all conduct business. Now, with some offices opening back up, many businesses are supporting employees who wish to remain working remotely while also providing flexible office environments for those who wish to return to “in person” work. The office has been reinvented and that means you must take time to analyze your business’ print management protocols.


Encouraging Paperless Procedures

The previously slow trend of shifting from paper to digital was fast tracked over the last year. This is partly because the reduction or elimination of shared products, such as papers, is effective in preventing the transmission of germs and viruses and partly because many employees were working from home without printers. For businesses still working on “going paperless” in the post COVID-19 workplace, Superior Document Solutions can assist you in your paper-to-digital conversion journey. For example, we encourage businesses to adopt cloud-enabled digital workflows and implement these services in daily practices to not only reduce the amount of paper used, but also boost productivity.


Secure Home Printing Solutions

Many remote workers do not have access to a home printer, and those who do may not have a device that adheres to your company’s tight security standards. Businesses  should consider providing remote employees with temporary and secure printing equipment and also take time to review standard printing procedures and expectations when they return to the workplace.


Sustainability and “Green” Initiatives

In addition to reducing the amount of documents printed, you should also replace older, inefficient machines with more efficient and eco-friendly multi-purpose machines that handle copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. These machines can also provide detailed usage reports that can be used to aid in waste reduction.


Contact Superior Document Solutions for Your Print Management Needs

New practices are being established to maintain the health and safety of employees, with the increased need to support flexible working that bridges the gap between traditional and remote workspaces. Make sure your business is ready for the year ahead. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding print management, IT management, and document solutions. Contact one of our specialists to review your copy, print, and document distribution methods and comprise a customized report for your business. Call 770-446-5325 or contact us through our online form today.

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