Network Fax Systems

Electronic forms are customizable forms you print on-demand. You will easily and cost effectively produce your routine forms and increase your marketing strategies. Reflect your business growth with the ability to customize and recreate your marketing messages whenever you want.

The benefits of electronic forms over pre-printed forms are tremendous:

  • Electronic forms have the ability improve internal and external business communication with vendors and customers while reducing manual data input and human error.
  • Electronic forms allow simple communication updates whenever data changes.

Pre-printed Forms
Using pre-printed forms can cost a lot of money. In some cases, a three-part form can cost as much as 45 cents each. By printing your form and variable form content at the same time on a low cost multifunction device, your business can significantly reduce its costs in producing invoices, statements, delivery documents, and other forms.

Invoice Marketing
The returning customer is the easiest person to sell to. Include a special, ad, or call-to-action that every customer can see or only target certain types of customers.

Customizable Marketing
Using variable data devices and technology and your multifunction system, you can create highly personalized, compelling marketing materials for your customers’ individual buying habits.

Multiple Location Output
Your data needs to be available across multiple locations. Some of your customers may want their invoices mailed, faxed or emailed and you may have a need to print a copy for yourself at the same time. An electronic document management system will help you achieve this.

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Our Solutions

  • Document Management

    From creation to destruction, how well do documents flow through your business? Document Imaging Solutions can improve the flow, accessibility, and security of documents in your business while achieving productivity gains, cost reductions, and regulatory compliance.

  • Scanning and Capture

    There has been a movement to incorporate new document capture technologies into businesses worldwide. You can save an amazing amount of time by automatically extracting information from scanned documents. Many businesses now use a process called Data CaptureDocuments are scanned into the network and then utilize the following technologies to read data from the document:

  • Network Fax Systems

    How much are your  out-dated fax systems costing you a month?  Have you considered going to a paperless fax environment to save cost and streamline efficiency?  We have solutions that can help your organization move into a whole new faxing solution.

  • Document Workflow

    Streamlining data and documents through your organization can reduce time consuming and costly endeavors while increasing efficiency.  We can help you take your organization to the next level.

  • Print Flows and Web Submissions

    Company information is your business’ most valuable asset. Implementing solutions to enhance access and manage business information contributes directly to the bottom line. An optimized document imaging and printing infrastructure is the foundation for building Document Imaging Solutions to improve fundamental business processes that are document based.

  • Variable Data Printing

    Document Imaging Solutions is the key to unlock the power of document imaging and printing technology and improve business efficiency. Printer, copier, and fax fleets are “on-ramps” and “off-ramps” to automating business processes. By transforming paper based processes to digitally enhanced workflow, business information is more available and secure for customers, vendors, and employees

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