Which Office Photo Printer is Right for You?

You have massive amounts of photos stored on your devices and hard drives. You tell yourself that you’re going to print all these memories, but life gets in the way. Rather than using an online photo service or driving to your local drugstore, you can print these memories at home, you just need to find the best Printers for Business for the job.

An inkjet printer is the most common choice for home photo printing. While you can print photos with a laser printer, their quality will be much higher with an inkjet. Most inkjet printers come with standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink colors but some offer a wider array beyond those four hues for better color representation. Look for individual ink cartridges that allow you to replace each color when it is empty (versus “all in one” cartridges) to save you money and prevent wasting unused ink. Inkjet printers can offer a large selection of additional features such as memory card readers, PictBridge connectivity, advanced photo-editing tools, and color LCD screens for editing images on the printer. You can usually print from a USB, but can often also print directly from your digital camera. Make sure the printer you select is compatible with your digital storage devices. Don’t assume all photo printers offer the type of connectivity you need.

There are two main categories of inkjet printers: multifunction and single function. If you will be solely printing, choose a single function printer but if you also need to scan, copy, and fax, you’ll need a multifunction inkjet printer. Multifunction inkjet manufacturers are constantly improving their scanning technologies. If you are looking to have a single printer in your home, a multifunction, letter-size, inkjet printer is probably the best choice for you.

While any inkjet can print color photos in color, you’ll want to consider a dedicated photo printer if you are desiring professional photo results, and wanting to have a printer strictly for photos. They are generally limited to a maximum paper size of 2”x3”, 4”x6”, or 5”x7”, and usually have the ability to change photo color as well as crop and store photos. Another option is a dye sublimation printer. While more expensive, dye sublimation printers produce high-quality glossy prints. If you plan on doing a lot of home photo printing, this type of printer will provide you with extremely polished results.  Take some time to consider how many photos you intend to be printing and decide what features are vital for your home printer. At Superior Documents, we know everything there is to know about printing, so if you still have questions about what photo printer is right for you, we are here to help. We want you to find the printer that fits your printing needs. Before another day passes you by, free those locked away photos and start printing!

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