IT Management for Remote Workers

A massive shift to remote work has made IT management more important than ever. Forward-thinking workplaces that had already integrated remote working systems and policies for some of their workers needed to quickly adapt to accommodate everyone forced to work remotely due to COVID-19. While this was definitely a challenge, most businesses and organizations didn’t have any sort of framework and had to start from the ground up, often making hasty and risky decisions. Wherever your remote workforce currently stands, it would benefit greatly from IT management from Superior Document Solutions.



The number one concern for any business with remote workers is security. Password-protected home WiFi networks may not have adequate firewall features to block unwanted connections. Personal devices may lack antivirus software or be out of date and vulnerable to attacks. The devices may also be used by other people in the home allowing access to corporate data. In addition to instructing employees on general safe computing practices (strong passwords, avoiding phishing scams, etc.) and providing anti-virus software for employee devices, IT management can also equip your business with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to secure connectivity to corporate resources.


Collaboration and Communication

IT management teams can assist your remote team in open collaboration and communication by setting up chat and video conferencing programs, screen sharing and collaboration tools, and a project management system to ensure projects stay on track.



Implementing tools to track actual work output, attendance, and days off are crucial in terms of productivity management of remote workers. You can’t simply look up from your desk to see who is staying late, coming in early, or not showing up at all in the new remote-working office. These tools will also provide remote supervisors with metrics to use when troubleshooting or giving formal and informal employee reviews.



IT issues are frustrating, time consuming, and often difficult for the user to adequately explain. Remote access capabilities like remote sessions and real time monitoring by your IT management team can reduce frustrations and lost productivity.


Partner with the Superior Document Solutions Team of IT Heroes

At Superior Document Solutions, our IT management services can help you make your remote workforce thrive by ensuring your data is secure, your team is productive and can easily communicate, and by providing 27/7 support. We can also provide you with valuable business insights into other areas such as application usage, resource utilization, and give suggestions into areas in need of improvement. Allow us to do what we do best so you can focus on what matters most, your business. Call 770-446-5325 or email us today.

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