Inkjet Printers Vs. Laser Printers for Your Office

One of the first questions you’ll have to answer in your quest to equip your office properly is determining what type of printer to use. Of course, while businesses move toward mobile technology and cloud-based computing that has greatly reduced the sheer number of things they need to print,it’s still true that printing is a necessary action and the right printer is a necessary tool to function in today’s business environment. So, whether you’re looking to buy new printers for the very first time or are considering switching or upgrading your existing machines, here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to decide between inkjet and laser.

Short-Term Cost Vs. Long-Term Cost

When it comes to printers, there are two very important numbers that you’ll need to examine before making your decision; the cost of acquiring the printer (short term) and the cost associated with owning and maintaining the printer (long term). Careful consideration of both should be taken in order to carefully and accurately weigh out which printer might serve you best over the long term, accounting for all expenses.While there was once a big disparity between the price of inkjet and laser printers, that divide has narrowed drastically, allowing you to purchase an inexpensive, entry-level multifunction printer capable of printing, copying, and scanning black & white documents. If it’s color printing that you need, however, a color laser printer will tend to cost more to purchase, when compared to a color inkjet with the same capabilities, while costing less to operate and maintain over the long term. Conversely, while a color inkjet printer generally doesn’t cost as much to acquire, possibly saving you some money upfront, it generally costs more in ink and other long-term expenses.


When it comes to print quality, speed, and cost of maintenance, laser generally tends to be your best option. Not only can an entry-level black & white laser printer be had for a price similar to that of an inkjet, but it will print at a higher quality, at a faster speed, and cost a lot less in the long term. For a little bit more money, you can have a laser printer that also prints in color at a higher quality and speed than an inkjet without the higher cost of maintaining ink and upkeep. The fusing method by which a laser printer puts ink on the paper also makes a laser print superior when it comes to text printing, especially small text. Not to mention the fact that if a laser print just happens to get by accident, the ink won’t bleed and run like that of its inkjet counterpart.

A Specific Printing Plan

Of course, the printing needs for any specific business are sure to be as unique and varied as the businesses themselves. That’s why it’s important to have a print management plan customized to meet the needs of your business in order to help it achieve its goals while saving as much money as possible. Look to a local managed print services provider such as Superior Document Solutionsto help you get all the value you can out of your office equipment and printing budget. They’ll examine your current print/document needs, evaluate your available resources, and make valuable suggestions to help increase productivity.

With a 25-year, proven, track historyof expertise in the areas of print management, document solutions, and IT management, the print professionals at Superior Document Solutions will also help you to create a comprehensive plan for managing your fleet of printers. CallSuperior Document Solutionstoday and join their long list of satisfied customerswho’ve come to expect increased productivity and Superior service.

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