Going Green Tips for Your Office

Many Earth Day celebrations and events are cancelled this year but you can still make a positive environmental impact with a few small changes. Here are some green tips you can incorporate into your (traditional or home) office life to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the bottom line.


Go Paperless

Stick to digital files whenever possible. Send e-copies of forms and documents and use file-sharing platforms instead of printing. Request that vendors provide online statements and invoices and then set up automated payments to further reduce paper use by eliminating the use of printed checks. These changes can reduce your carbon footprint and improve the efficiency of your business. If you absolutely have to print, use environmentally-friendly paper and be sure your office printers are set to print double-sided (duplex printing).


Recycle your Toner and Ink Cartridges

Send your empty toner and ink cartridges to be recycled, and replace with remanufactured ink cartridges (ink cartridges that have been professionally cleaned and refilled). This cycle prevents the need for using new materials to create entirely new cartridges from scratch.


Maximize Printer Fleet Efficiency

Assess your printer fleet to determine which models are inefficient and/or draining large amounts of power. You can then replace the older machines with more efficient and eco-friendly models. Newer multi-function printers can also provide detailed usage reports that can be used to aid in waste reduction.


Reduce Energy Consumption

Most newer printers and computers have a sleep mode designed to reduce energy when your machine is “on” but not in current use. This feature can help during work hours when the printer needs to be instantly accessible but you should turn it (and all other electronics, lighting, and heat) off every night.


Support local vendors

Shop local to eliminate the carbon emissions associated with flying products around the world and to support your local community. A quick search can help you find eco-conscious local vendors or you can let the Superior Document Solutions team provide you with some suggestions.


Superior Document Solutions is Your Green Team

At Superior Document Solutions, we take environmental sustainability solutions seriously and understand the importance of your environmental impact goals. One of the critical areas in any sustainability plan for businesses is how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle within the copy, print, and document distribution infrastructure. These are just a few ways of going green that’s not only good for business but good for the planet. Call us at 770-446-5325 or contact us through our online form for more “going green” information for your office.

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