Going Green and Getting Lean with Superior

In this day and age, it’s probably just as important to your clients that your business — and your methods of doing business — meet certain standards of moral, social, and environmental accountability. In other words, you and your business are responsible for making the right choices when it comes to doing business, well, responsibly. Your clients — especially the prospective ones — might find it important to know that they’re partnering up with a business that believes in downright good citizenship. One of the first and easiest things you can begin to do in your very own workplace is to target waste and unnecessary excess in your daily printing, copying, and document management practices to reduce waste.

Consumed Goods

The lowest of the hanging fruit when targeting waste in the workplace pertains to consumables. For example, how much paper do you think your office(s) waste(s) over the course of a single day? How about a week? A month? A year? The amount of wasted paper might astound you. Speaking of being astounded, quickly assign a dollar amount to the amount of paper you’re wasting so you can see it in dollars and cents. Now that’sastounding. Consider a relative amount of wasted ink and toner and its relative cost and it might be plain to see the gaping hole where your business is oozing profit.

Save the Paper

When it comes to wasted paper, there are several things you can do to combat unnecessary paper use. In addition to the easiest thing, which is simply thinking twice (or more) before printing a document to determine if it’s absolutely necessary, you can also place recycling bins by each printer/copier to catch paper that can be recycled by a recycling contractor. A professional print services consultant such as Superior Document Solutionscan also observe your processes and make recommendations to help you and your employees set print limits and become more electronically efficient, overall. Electronic forms, cloud-based documents and filing systems make light work of print and document management, eliminating much of the need to print and copy on paper.

More Than Just Superior Document Solutions

At Superior Document Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you to cut out waste, ineffective practices and processes, all while saving your company money and becoming more efficient and productive. Honestly, paper is only the start. We can assist you with reducing your equipment’s power consumption (and resulting carbon footprint), the handling of your ink and toner cartridges, and much more,

We also specialize in a full suite of products and services for your office, including IT management.

If this sounds like a winning proposition, contact Superior Document Solutions for your FREE Green Assessment today.

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