Cyber Security: How Well Are You Protected?

It seems like every new day brings along with it some news story about a recent failure in cyber security that is wreaking havoc on individuals and corporations, alike. Whether it’s Malware, Ransomware, Spyware or any of the other cyber weapons that hackers use to infiltrate and steal from unsuspecting users, one thing is true. Hackers never sleep. Which is why your stance toward protecting your company’s resources shouldn’t, either.

In a business world that’s becoming more and more dependent on telecommuting, cloud computing, shared wireless networks, and all their benefits and conveniences, it’s easy to see how organizations are more susceptible than ever to the increasing threat of cyber terrorism and other such breaches. Are you well prepared?

Consider Every Device On Your Company’s Network

Sure, it’s safe to assume that your IT Director has a pretty good handle on keeping your company’s computer network safe from outside data threats when it comes to protecting your company’s laptops and desktops from insidious viruses that threaten your company’s computer infrastructure. That’s a safe assumption. But what about peripheral devices such as multi-function printers (MFPs) that are connected to your network? As MFPs continue to grow to include the use of shared, cloud-based documents, it’s important to understand they’re not merely printers anymore, but potential entry points for a hacker or virus to enter your company’s computer network, leaving everyone on the network susceptible to online data threats.

Be Proactive

Proper threat protection and defense against malicious online breaches requires awareness, determination, and resources, to name a few. Take every opportunity to make your employees aware of security policies that protect your organization’s information. Control access to the MFPs on your network as an added measure. In addition, commit to keeping up with technology updates to ensure that you have the latest and most recent forms of protection available to you and the devices on your network.

Superior Document Solutions can provide a proper assessment of your current computer network and the devices on it. We provide IT management solutions for companies, both large and small. If it matters to your business, it matters to us. In addition to the latest products to help your business become more productive while saving money in the process, we also offer network and firewall installation and monitoring with on-site and remote support, around-the-clock.

Contact Superior Document Solutions today to discuss the matters that matter the most to your business.

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