Cut Printing Cost

If you’re an office manager or supervisor, there’s no doubt that you have a vested interest in keeping your company’s overall costs down. After all, cutting costs not only makes you leaner and more efficient, but can sometimes make up for a temporary lag in sales. That said, it’s worth it for every company to examine where costs can be cut.

Often times, making a small change in something that we do so frequently can make a huge impact. For many offices, the first and easiest change to make is in correcting their bad printing habits. Because Superior Document Solutions understands just how important it is for you to stay competitive and fiscally responsible, here are just a few quick and helpful tips that will help to keep your printing costs down.

Is It Worth Printing? 

Not only a culprit in excess costs related to needless paper use, but printing off additional unnecessary copies wastes excess ink, which also generates more waste than is necessary in the form of discarded paper. After all, a paid employee has to take the trash out, right?
It’s so simple to push the “Print” button, especially when it comes to those tiny, one-line emails that you don’t want to forget. For those office directories and phone lists that you must refer to several times a day, consider keeping a copy of the file on your desktop for reference as opposed to printing one out for display at your desk.

One of the best things that will help you to save on paper is to start printing on both sides of it. I mean, the other side of the paper just sits there, totally unused! Not only can this simple change save your paper consumption by half (yes, do the math), but it could potentially save you the cost of staples that are normally used to attach unnecessary additional pages to one another.


Stop Filing In The Real World

Start filing documents – especially shared documents – in the cloud. Not only will everybody have access to the documents in real time, but hard copies – and the paper and ink used to print them – will become a thing of the past, keeping costs way down. This can also help to save filing time and the storage space needed to keep such records on hand.

For additional tips that are sure to save you valuable time and resources (namely money), put it at the top of your to-do list to call the pros at Superior Document Solutions. They’ll not only help you to examine your greatest needs, but they’ll go the extra mile to help you maximize what you’re currently working with. Superior Document Solutions is committed to helping you find solutions that optimize efficiency throughout your business. We look forward to speaking with you!

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