Control It!

Superior Document Solutions will analyze trends, unit availability, and user requirements to identify under or over utilized equipment. We will help you:

  • “Go Green”
  • Improve User Experience
  • Do More With Less

Once you “Control it”, we will help you “Optimize it”. Now that the information about your printers and copiers is available on a regular basis we can identify equipment that is under or over utilized. Underutilized equipment is a waste of resources and over utilized equipment is a drain on finances and productivity. We will design and implement a plan to redeploy, add-on, or retire equipment to optimize each asset.

Since your business is not static, our print fleet optimization service is an on-going component of our ManagedPrintCare™ services. We will continue to assess and adjust your fleet to ensure that your assets keep pace with your business’ needs with regular account reviews. Many managed print services will do an initial assessment at the start of the contract and then you are on your own. Superior Document Solutions keeps delivering value through the life of your contract because

Our Service Makes Us Superior”

  • Simple Pay-By-The-Page – Billing for supplies, maintenance kits, and hardware service is included in a single periodic billing.
  • Automated Meter Reads – Meter reads and page counts are gathered and submitted automatically each month.
  • Superior Hardware Service – Reliable, fast, and knowledgeable service staff will respond and complete repairs and perform regular maintenance on print and copy equipment.
  • Maintenance Kit Install – Printer Maintenance kits are ordered and installed by trained technicians.
  • Equipment Install – New equipment is setup and initiated at no additional charge. It will be automatically added to your Complete-Care agreement.

To see how Superior Document Solutions can further improve your business, Contact Ustoday!