Comparing Inkjet, Laser, and Digital Copiers

Next to your business’ computers, its copiers are some of the hardest working devices in the building. Here’s a bit of information on inkjet, laser, and digital copiers to help you decide which type of copier is best suited for your business.

Inkjet printers

The wide availability of small inexpensive models make inkjet printers popular options for home use, however they are not usually recommended for businesses. Despite their lower upfront costs and less expensive replacement ink cartridges, inkjet printers cost businesses more in the long run. Inkjet cartridges have a very low output rate and high cost per page (color = $0.20 – $0.32 cents / black and white = $0.09). Their low capacity output requires replacing paper and ink two to three times more frequently than you would with a laser. Also, the cartridges can dry out if not used, leading to ink head repairs and cartridge replacement. An inkjet printer only produces around 6 black text pages per minute, much slower than laser and digital devices. This rate may seem minimal but it could negatively affect your business’ productivity long term.

Laser printers

Laser printers and copiers are one of the most popular choices with businesses because they print and copy at a faster speed and require toner which costs less per page than actual ink. Longer lasting toner cartridges produce more output than ink, making the average cost of a color page $0.06 – $0.09 and black and white pages can each be produced for $0.01 or less. A laser printer’s electrostatic digital printing process produces high-quality documents very quickly and the toner cartridges will never dry up. As for speed, a laser printer can print almost 20 pages per minute. While inkjet and laser printers are similar when printing documents using normal print sizes (12pt and larger) lasers printers are superior when smaller fonts are used. Laser printers have decreased in size over the years, but they are usually bulkier than inkjets and they are also quite noisy. Despite those challenges, and the fact they cost more than an inkjet upfront, laser printers tend to be much better business investments.

Digital printers

Most of today’s business laser copiers are also digital copiers. Digital copiers can scan, store, and send documents using an internal scanner. These scanned documents can then be sent as email attachments or stored on your business’ network. If the document is needed again in the future, it can be found using a simple keyword search rather than searching through paper files, assisting your business in going paperless.

When it comes to choosing copiers and printers for your business there are many variables to consider. Let Superior Document Solutions help you compare brands, options, prices, and leasing rates so you can make the best choice for your business. Call or stop by today!

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