Your Business’ Top IT Security Threats and What You Can Do

A few years ago, cyber security was low on the list of priorities for businesses and nowadays small businesses assume cyber threats are something that the bigger guys need to worry about. Unfortunately small to medium sized businesses are more vulnerable to viruses, hacker attacks, and consumer data theft. Performing regular software updates, and installing anti-virus programs and firewalls are still necessary, but these measures are not enough anymore to protect your business from cyber attacks. Here are just a few current IT security threats to your business:


Malware (a program designed to copy itself and propagate) is the most frequently occurring type of cyber attack on businesses. It spreads when you download or copy files and exchange CDs, DVDs, and flash drives. Most commonly the infection happens when an employee opens an infected email attachment or is tricked into installing the software on your businesses computers. When a malware program infects your computer, it can make some parts of the system unusable, steal valuable data, and attempt to extort money from your businesses.

Unauthorized Access and Malicious Insiders

Your network can be accessed through valid user names and passwords, subtly obtained from employees, subcontractors, or visitors under false pretenses. Also, current or former employees, system administrators, contractors, or business partners can, unfortunately, have malicious agendas and gain access to your network with the worst of intentions.

Mobile Devices and Social Media

Smart phones and tablets in the workplace have opened a whole new realm of possible network vulnerabilities. Criminals now have new pathways to access your company’s IT network and sensitive company data through your employees devices. Another cause for alarm is that malware is increasingly making its way into companies’ networks via employees’ social media accounts, making social media is one of the fastest growing security threats for companies.

What You Can Do:

In order to avoid losing information, massive amounts of money, and to protect yourself from lawsuits, you need to take proactive measures now! To begin with, every computer used by your employees needs to be protected by firewalls, anti-spyware, and antivirus programs that offer spam, identity theft, and phishing protection. Update your security program immediately after you get an alert. Keep your business’ router(s) and network(s) secure by decreasing your network’s range to your business’ true perimeter, use WPA2 encryption, change the router default and SSID name, as well as use complex, unique passwords.

A Customized and Integrated Security Solution

At Superior Document Solutions we provide IT management solutions to your business so you can concentrate on what matters most, your business. We offer 24/7 remote and onsite support, network creation and monitoring, firewall installation, antivirus and backup solutions, and so much more. When you choose Superior Document Solutions for your IT management you can rest assured we are going to provide complete and effective cyber protection for your business. Contact us today to get started!

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