The Benefits of Cloud Printing

The rise of the mobile workforce has driven the demand for cloud printing. Workers are no longer solely working from a single desktop computer, but are instead working wirelessly on multiple mobile devices, driving the need for better mobile printing. Cloud printing connects printers across a range of internet connected devices, enabling users to print anytime, anywhere. Cloud printing provides the flexibility of sending documents to print in your company’s building, across town, or across the globe. Users equipped with an Internet connection and password to their chosen printer can specify the desired number of prints, paper size, etc. they wish to print. This encrypted job is held in the cloud until a user enters a PIN or scans an ID badge to release the job, allowing the document to print.  The flexibility and convenience to print anywhere means employees can print from their smartphones, laptops, and tablets wherever they are. If your business team is spread over a large area, has mobile, or at-home workers, your employees need the ability to print from any of their devices at all of their work locations. By allowing workers to retrieve and print their documents wherever they are companies can increase their workers’ productivity at home, work, or on the go.

Cloud printing addresses the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce as well as saves businesses time and money. Companies are constantly trying to reduce their printing costs and reduce waste by analyzing their print data and enforcing company print policies. Cloud printing systems record what has been printed, who issued the printing, and when documents were printed. This data can be analyzed to see where unnecessary documents are being printed or which employees are abusing their printing privileges. Since each user is required to authenticate the print job before it releases, you are able to hold individual employees accountable. Oftentimes, the knowledge of this alone greatly reduces unnecessary printings. The provided data can guide you to make decisions on where your company can potentially save on printing costs. You can then employ a variety of allowances and limitations to ensure your printing stays on budget and within company guidelines. You can control page counts allocated to individual teams or employees, reduce color printing, control print volume, and assign per page cost to individuals or departments, or control individual users, devices, and printers. By setting these parameters in your cloud printing system you will also be able to reduce administrative costs associated with constant print monitoring. With traditional printing, even if you do have strict printing policies, they are often extremely difficult to enforce, but businesses with cloud printing record every print request.

Are you interested in moving your business to cloud printing? Give us a call today to discuss which cloud ready printer is right for your business.

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