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Let Superior Document Solutions Perform an Information Technology Assessment and Create Custom Solutions for Your Business

As your business grows, it is often difficult to determine what aspects of your information technology systems are or aren’t working, making it a struggle to know where to invest your IT resources. Rather than being reactive in your approach, like many small and medium-sized businesses, take control of your IT resources by making a […]

How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Business

When printer shopping, you should always aim to fit the printer to your office size and volume. Begin by considering how many people will be using it, how much output you typically generate (just a few sheets a day or several dozen?), and which features are absolute “musts” for your business. You may also e […]

HIPAA Compliant Digital Records Management

Passed into law in 1996, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created standards for the protection and privacy of individuals’ personal health information (PHI), including electronic protected health information (ePHI.)   The HIPAA Privacy Rule The HIPAA Privacy Rule forbids the unauthorized disclosure of PHI and establishes safeguards to protect the privacy of […]

Is Your Small Business Adopting New Technologies?

Businesses of all sizes must continually adopt new technologies in order to keep up with (and stay ahead of) their competitors and to meet their customers’/clients’ needs. Last year brought quick adaptations and accelerated technology use to almost all businesses. Originally thought to be temporary solutions, many of these technologies have totally reshaped most businesses’ […]

Print Management in the Post COVID-19 Workplace

As a business owner you have constantly been adapting and are now likely considering how your company can adapt to meet the needs of both your customers and your employees. COVID-19 has changed the workplace and way we all conduct business. Now, with some offices opening back up, many businesses are supporting employees who wish […]

Protect Your Small Business from Hackers

If hackers find a vulnerable point of entry into your business, you could quickly find yourself wondering what happened to all of your files, passwords, finances, and more. Studies have found that the average cyber attack costs between $120,000 to $1.24 million for small businesses and almost $4 million for larger businesses. Unfortunately, smaller businesses […]

Troubleshooting Your Printer/Copier: The Top 3 Problems

A problematic or non-working printer can be extremely frustrating. Start with the basics to see if there is a simple solution. Is the printer turned on? Is there paper in the printer? Is the paper loaded correctly? Are all the cables in good shape and firmly connected? Once you establish that these steps have been […]

Get Started on Your Office’s “Going Green” Plan in 2021

  “Going green” involves so much more than adding a few plants to your office—even though they do absorb airborne pollutants while emitting healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. “Going green” can reduce your business’ carbon footprint and positively affect your bottom line. Many businesses have the best of intentions regarding green initiatives […]

EOY Review: Printing and Document Solutions for Your Business

As you conduct an end-of-year review for your business, it is important to not overlook your printing and document needs. Superior Document Solutions’ certified professionals will help you determine the optimal infrastructure for your needs. We will work with you to define your business’ workflow, identify key drivers, create a design solution, assist with implementation, […]