Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying An Office Copier/Printer

Today’s copiers and printers perform multiple document management tasks for your business. You know that you need them, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying these indispensable machines? Here is a quick overview of factors you should consider before buying your next office copier/printer.



  • Full control and ownership: Purchasing a copier appeals to those who want full control over their office equipment. You can modify, sell, or have maintenance performed on it at any time.
  • No contracts or agreements: The leasing application process requires providing detailed financial information about your company, whereas when you buy a copier you don’t have to sign any contracts or agreements.
  • Cheaper in the long run: Similar to buying a car, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars when paying upfront to avoid interest and finance charges.
  • Tax deductible: The entire cost of your new copier purchase is tax deductible.
  • Selling the equipment: When it comes time to sell your equipment, you are not restricted by any formalities or agreements.



  • High initial cost: Business owners without abundant financial resources will find the high initial costs of buying office equipment an obstacle.
  • Outdated technology: Technology changes rapidly. Today’s brand new copier could be outdated in five years and in need of replacement. You will need to spend funds to purchase a new copier or continue to use the outdated equipment until you can afford a replacement.
  • Maintenance costs: Maintenance work is the owner’s responsibility and can become very costly over time.
  • Depreciation: All technology loses value and your expensive copier may not bring much profit when it’s time to resell.
  • Lack of Technical Support: Just like paying for maintenance and repairs out of your own pocket, you will also be responsible for your own technical support.


Superior Document Solutions

Take into account what is most important to your business when it comes to printing and copying. You should base your decision on your business objectives and how the copier will be used when you are deciding whether buying a copier/printer is the right choice for your business. As a business owner or manager of an organization when making any purchase decision the goal means justifying the cost of the purchase. At Superior Document Solutions we provide print management solutions that excel and perform higher than most business standards. Let us help you compare brands, rates, and options so you can make the best choice. Call us at 770-446-5325 or fill our online contact form today!



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