Our History

In 1982, Jackson Henderson started Superior Photocopy Co. of Atlanta. His vision was to give his customers the best service possible. Since then, we have grown to over 50 employees, with a customer base of more than 3,500. We have evolved during our 25+ years of business and our name has evolved to reflect the change in technology and the needs of our customers. In 2003 we became Superior Document Solutions and embraced the expanding capabilities of imaging technology and the way in which businesses could leverage the new capabilities.

Although our name may have changed, our focus on customer service remains steadfast. Other companies may make the claim that customer service is number one, but we, Superior Document Solutions, demonstrate our commitment in a number of ways:

  1. We staff more service technicians than sales representatives 2 to 1
  2. Every unit we place is backed by our 5 Year Fix-or-Replace Policy
  3. Customer calls are answered by our staff, not a recording(during business hours)

In this age of mergers and buyouts, Superior Document Solutions continues to be the largest locally owned and operated company of its kind in the Atlanta area. That means better service and faster response times for you.
Since our beginning in 1982 our reputation for quality equipment and guaranteed service has been second to none. Backed by a five year fix-or- replace policy, the fastest response times, and a dedicated team of professionals, you can see why our motto is:

“Our Service Makes Us Superior”