Electronic Document Management Positions Company For Growth

Superior Document Solutions is Instrumental to Implementation and Support

Shelves of Hospital FilesThe Challenge

Jim Schubert is the Executive Vice President with Southern States Insurance responsible for the operation of the Branch Offices and managing relationships with vendors. Not long after Jim joined the company, he saw an opportunity to take a more technological approach to handling documents and went in search of a Document Management solution.

At the same time Jim set out to find a company to work with, companies with Document Management Solutions found Jim. He did his due diligence and chose an application that would capture documents electronically at the branches and provide central storage for access by all. The next step was to choose equipment that would work with the software and enable the streamlined workflow that Jim envisioned.

Their current copier vendor seemed like a place to start. Jim met with his rep and explained what was required technically as well as his vision. When the proposal came back Jim was disappointed. The pricing was off and “they did not listen to what I wanted,” Jim explains. “They wanted to sell me what they had. When I got the proposal I could tell they were not listening to what I said.”

The Solution
Enter Dan Morris and Superior Document Solutions. “Dan made it very easy to make the selection,” tells Jim. “He understood the requirements and how we could afford to put the equipment in each office to take advantage of the document management solution in all locations.” On the day they were to sign the order, “It actually makes me chuckle when I think about it,” recalls Jim. “My dad goes through the contract and wants a bunch of changes. It didn’t faze Dan. Many of the vendors I deal with would have been

ruffled, but not Dan. He just called up the office, crossed out stuff and penciled in changes, and when he got off the phone said ‘Done!’ and that was it.”

When it came time to install the equipment and integrate the MFPs with the Document Management software, Corey Taylor, Superior’s IT and Network specialist, went above and beyond according to Jim. “Corey learned about our document management software to get the equipment working with it so we could accomplish what we wanted. He really helped get everything working and gave us some great tips for using the solution which we still use.” Jim says, “What he [Corey] has delivered is superior to what we get from other vendors.”


After several years of working with Superior Document Solutions, Jim is just as enthusiastic about the relationship. “Day-to-day like supplying toner and fixing things, is very good. The turn-around time has been very quick. It impresses our people that we get service same day. When the copier stops we can’t stop.”
Jim concludes, “It is amazing how one change can make a difference in the cost to run your offices, much less in resources and physical space.” Implementing electronic Document Management was strategic in positioning Southern States Insurance for expansion and growth. Partnering with Superior Document Solutions was instrumental in making that strategy work.

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