7 Good Reasons to Choose Us for Printer Repair

There are paper jams and then there are EVERYTHING jams… complete with strange, churning noises, big, flashing warnings and more than a few dollars’ worth of wasted ink. Technology can fail and when it does, your business can suffer. At Superior Document Solutions, it’s our job to control the damage, un-jam the jam and get your company up and running again as soon as possible. We’ve got seven reasons why you can trust us with fixing your document management technology…

1. We know the machinery.

We’re passionate about all aspects of document management. We don’t just sell printers and we don’t just repair printers. Selling, repairing, maintaining, reimagining – when it comes to document solutions, we do it all. So we understand the difference beteen your Sharp copying station and someone else’s Lanier digital imaging system. Our thorough familiarity with many different document management systems enables us to quickly isolate and resolve issues.

2. We’ll get the job done quickly.

If you make a printer repair appointment with our company, we promise to show up on time and get the job done in a timely fashion.

3. We’ll get the job done right.

Maybe you’ve had this printer problem before. Maybe you’ve had it about 100 times. If you keep using a temporary fix to overcome your document management issues, you’re only going to make things worse. We fix things the right way so that the problem won’t keep coming back to hurt your efficiency.

4. We’ll make extra adjustments.

While we’re in there solving your printer problems, we may notice some other efficiency issues. During a repair, we can change your printer and copier settings so that you get more out of your machine. Simple setting adjustments on your printers can save you hundreds in overhead and our repair staff is sure to catch them.

5. We’re professional.

We take pride in our customer service and the way our employees conduct themselves on the job. Whether it’s a quick fix repair or a full on imaging center re-haul, we’ll devote all of our attention to you and your business while you need it.

6. We’ll help educate you.

Not only do we get your imaging issues fixed. We also show you how to keep the system operating smoothly when we leave so there aren’t new issues taking its place a week after we’re gone!

7. If it’s beyond repair, we’ll help you replace it.

Sometimes what is old can’t be made new again, unfortunately. Fortunately, we sell lots of different printing and copying stations and we have the qualifications necessary to recommend new professional document systems for your and your company’s success.

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