5 Tips for a Superior Office Environment

Aside from its architecture and interior designs, an office’s technology is what determines its status as a productive work environment. We’ve got five expert tips for harnessing the power of document technology and trusted IT support in order to achieve perfect office productivity…

  1. Consolidate Equipment

An over equipped office can be a poorly equipped office. Too many devices, document-related or otherwise, may lead to widespread confusion and take up precious office space. Most of the products we stock at Superior are multi-functional meaning they can copy, print, fax, scan and more, all in one. They’ll help you stay organized, digitally and mechanically.

  1. Go Wireless

Needing a plugged-in device any time you want to print when so much business is done wirelessly is unproductive. Your printer should be as updated as your computers are! A printer with wi-fi and cloud capabilities will take your office environment to the next level. Just imagine how printing anything, from anywhere in your office will benefit your business.

  1. Check Your PPM and CPP

Most business owners have to spend at least some of their work week crunching numbers. Two statistics many business owners don’t think about very often, however, are their printers’ pages per minute (PPM) and cost per page (CPP). If either one is off, it’s amazing how quickly inefficiency will spread from the printer to the rest of the office. We can help you find the printer that minimizes the CPP and maximizes PPM so you can stay on budget and on task.

  1. Consider Dedicated Company Servers

A server failure can be a crippling setback costing you both time online, crucial bits of saved data and more. Prevent it by getting on a dedicated server. This doesn’t need to be an expensive or complicated ordeal. As a part of fleet of services here at Superior Document Solutions, we can provide you with dedicated servers to support your business.

  1. Setup 24/7 Support Solutions

In addition to a possible server problem, there are a million little things that can go wrong with your IT and keep you from getting work done. These things can happen at any time and what’s worse – they seem to happen at the worst possible time. With our managed IT services we are able to support your business or organization 24/7 remotely so we can handle any problem that arises. We could even take it a step farther if you’d like and provide 24/7 on-site support from a dedicated, experienced and always-ready team.

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